Important Tech Bulletin for payment towers with large display

DigiAir exploded view diagram with part number breakdown

Coin chute modifications for PTE600 payment towers

Initial setup for AVW400 with

EMV card reader

Air Vac wiring details for proper LCD display pricing

IVS set up for payment towers with display pricing

AVW400 Installation & Operation Manual

Heater installation Instructions (TPI air only machine)

PTE 521 Installation

PTE 521 Wiring Diagram

PTE 620 Wiring Diagram

PTE 621 Installation

PTE 621 Wiring Diagram

PTE 622 Installation

PTE 622 Wiring Diagram

PTE 630 Wiring Diagram

PTE 631 Installation

PTE 631 Wiring Diagram

JEA 621 Installation

JEA 621 Wiring Diagram

JEA 631 Installation

JEA 631 Wiring Diagram

AVW Card Reader Installation & Operation Manual

Card Reader Configuration Setup

Card Reader Event Summary


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