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January 20, 2016


Card Reader PCI 3.1 Update



The PCI (Payment Card Industry) Council recently published updated PCI-DSS and PCI-DASS requirements for PCI 3.1.  This updated release is to specifically address the vulnerabilities in the existing SSL/TLS protocol.  These changes address a weakness in the SSL/TLS stack that has industry-wide impact and is not limited to Protel equipment. Compliance with these updates includes the requirement that cellular modems used for transferring credit card data be compatible with the newest TLS 1.1 (Transport Layer Security) protocol. Compliance with the PCI 3.1 requirements must be in place by July 1, 2016.


Protel’s AVW400 series product equipped with the latest 3G modem module will support the TLS 1.1 protocols with no further modifications needed. 2G modem modules are not capable of supporting the TLS 1.1 protocols. When used in card reader equipped machines, it will be necessary to upgrade any 2G equipment to 3G.


To assist in identifying existing installations that are currently 3G ready from those that will require an upgrade we have added a report titled Cellular Service Status under the IVS Reports menu. Using the monitor’s part number as well as detailed information reported by the monitor during scheduled communications the Cellular Service Status Report will identify the current service type (2G or 3G) and the monitor’s 3G Status (Ready, Modem Upgrade Required, or Monitor Upgrade Required).


AVW400 monitors that are reporting 3G ready will need no further action. For those monitors identified as “Upgrade Required”, the following options are available:


1) AVW400 units billed and shipped after January 1, 2014, can be sent into Protel for a modem module upgrade. Charge for the upgrade will be US $ 135.00 ea.


2) AVW400 units billed and shipped prior to January 2014, can be sent into Protel for a module upgrade. Charge for the upgrade will be US $ 155.00 ea.


3) Trade-in ASY0000199 with 2G technology or ASY0000200 monitors for a new 3G AVW400 Combo Controller at a fifteen (15%) percent discount from your current price level. Protel must receive the ASY0000199 Monitor and associated external cellular modem (ASY0000261) to receive the discount.


If you have any further questions please contact Protel at 1-800-925-8882.



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