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Combines the features of the AVW199 Controller with the wireless capabilities of the cellular modem kit into a single package greatly simplifying the installation. Incorporates the Encrypted Cellular Modem, Modem Power Supply Module, Free Vend Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Radio (optional) , Modular Interconnect Wiring and more.




* Built-in Dual Timers (Two Channels) - Monitors two coin drops, one from each channel. Energizes built-in High Current Relays when base rate has been deposited.


* Modularized (Plug-in) High Current Relays - Provides fast and economical field replacement without the need to replace “Timer Assembly”.


* Remote Monitoring & Control - Provides for remote monitoring & programming of equipment via GSM cellular network.


* Full Battery Back-up of Monitor and Cellular Radio - Provides full remote monitoring and reporting capabilities of all activities in the absence of electrical power with optional battery.


* Detects and reports power failures


* Cash Box Accounting - Daily communications provide up-to-date cash box totals.


* Instant Alarm Notifications


* Automatic Collection Notification - When a user-defined cash box level is reached, the IVS software can assist in determining if coin collection needs to be scheduled.


* Full Backward Compatibility - Compatible with existing auxiliary equipment including card readers, coin mechanisms, air-pressure switch, collection switch, freebee remotes, etc.





* Optional Credit Card Reader - Provides Full-Turn-Key Wireless Credit Card Reader Operation using “Certified Encryption” Technology.


* Optional Free Vend Remote - Wireless Remote Controller communicates with the AVW400 via Protel’s Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) to provide Free Vend Service. Records the number of Free Vends in the IVS Management System. Also supports “Free Vend” using special coin token or “Courtesy Credit Cards” when card reader is employed.


Credit Card Products Video

Increase Your Revenue, Improve Your image..


* Add a Credit Card Reader to Your Vending Machine


* Card Readers Provide Customer Convenience


* Promotes Impulse Purchases


* Eliminates Cash Handling, Vandalism & Collection Problems


Protel’s Credit Card Reader System is designed for OEM application of Credit Card Readers on a variety of vending equipment. This system is geared toward making the small $$ transactions practical with the use

of a credit card.


Card Reader Manual

Card Reader Features


* Track 2 - Magnetic Credit Card Reader.


* SSL Encrypted Communications available.


* Card data is secured using encrypted data storage.


* Low transaction fees.


* Complete back-end service available on credit card operations, including validation, billing and payment.


* Payments for credit card sales are deposited to your account daily.


* Full remote monitoring capability available.


* Vandal resistant Zinc Die Cast Card Reader front Bezel protects against physical abusive and damage. Can take a hard blow and keep on working.


Card Reader Implementation Guide

Card Reader Event Summary

Card Reader Configuration Setup


(Free Vend Remote)


Meet local or state regulations and offer c-store operators an alternative to providing change for customer use of an on-site AVW machines with the FreeBee – Free Vend Remote. Because it uses a spread spectrum radio signal the FreeBee remote is not limited to line-of site activation of the AVW machine. This means that the AVW machine can be remotely activated from virtually anywhere on location, at a distance of up to 150’ away from the machine. The FreeBee remote features an intuitive LED indicator as well as an audible tone to provide confirmation that the remote vend has been successfully initiated. Each remote activated vend is then uniquely identified by the ProStar AVW200 controller, timer & monitor, which allows for easy recognition and management of coin paid vends vs. free vends once the data has been transferred to the IVS for AVW management program.



Standard Features:

* Enables the AVW machine from a distance of up to 150’.

* Spread spectrum signal eliminates the need for line-of-site activation.

* Convenient alternative to meet local or state “free air” requirements.

* Improve customer satisfaction with quick and easy machine activation.

* Visual and audible vend activation indicators.


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