PTE-500 Mini-Payment Tower Series

with Smart Digital-Air (LCD)

PTE-500 Mini-Payment Tower Series

with Smart Digital-Air (LED)

Basic Operation:


* The basic Digital Air Controller (DAC) provides precision tire inflation or deflation of tires within (+/- 0.5 PSI). Simply attach the air chuck to tire, the (DAC) will display the tire pressure as the air is metered to the tire. When the target PSI is obtained, the DAC will shut off the airflow automatically and signal the operator with an audible beep. The DAC will automatically reset when attached to the next tire.


* On Air Vend models, the DAC will continue to fill the tire until the target PSI is obtained before turning off the compressor.


* The DAC is available from Protel on the PTE-500 Mini-Payment Tower Series or as a Stand Alone Controller on the DAC-100. See Figures #1 and #2. Early models of Protel’s Digital Air Controllers are up-gradable by way of a remote firmware down load.

Smart (DAC) Operation:


The Smart Digital Air Controller (DAC) will record the air pressure setting on each vend. This will insure the accuracy for each vend. It also records the time it takes to reach the desired air pressure. The inflation time on each tire vend is recorded in the management system (IVS). If the desired air pressure is not obtained after several vends, the management system will send out a remote alert via IVS. The Smart DAC will do a self analysis if the pressure readings do not reach expectations.





Additional features:


* Determine and report if the compressor started-up and is producing sufficient air pressure to inflate a tire.


* Provide automatic air system water and debris purging


* Detect & report a sticking air control valve, sticking compressor valve, bad pressure sensor, cut hose, missing air chuck, winter freeze up of the air machine, defective (DAC), non-functioning transformer and wiring problems.


* The DAC will automatically disengage and revert back to a conventional air machine mode should a digital-air component fail. The display will indicate “Manual Air Operation”.


* Record and report downtime due to a machine Icing freeze-up


* Record intermittent digital air operation


* Record and report the number of tires fully inflated per vend


* Record and report the tire pressure set point per vend

Stand-Alone Smart Digital-Air Controller DAC-100-2

7” x 5.25” x 2.6”

Board Voltages


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